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Scented Sachet

Air fresheners are an absolute necessity today be it a home or in a public building/office. With advancements in technology, air fresheners are available in attractive sizes and shapes. They are available in sachets, aerosol sprays and even as a strip of paper that can be hung on any surface. Elix offers natural and organic fragrances of the highest quality.

Liquid/ Sachet Air fresheners

Designer fragrances have the unique attraction of being available in attractive bottles that come in exquisite shapes and sizes. This is one of the major attractions of liquid air fresheners – you get to use them in elegantly designed bottles that lend beauty and aesthetic appeal to your home.

Elix offers ingenious varieties of liquid air fresheners such as sprays – perfume bottles, spray bottles and scented sachets.

  • Bloom at home is an artfully elegant product range from Elix that has a unique design – a handmade flower that blossoms and spreads the essence of spring inside your home. This range is available in rare and exotic scents – gardenia, rosetta and esoteria.
  • Airfumes is a home air freshener that is a direct result of innovative technology that has natural essential oils in lovely scents – fresh lavender, million roses, summer meadow, water lily and glamour.
  • Mist is an odour neutralizer that comes in naturally dewy scents – dewy pea, dewy blossom and dewy linen. The Mist 500 range come in a larger capacity – 500 ml and has the same fragrance range.
  • Ironing Water is an innovative range that helps in keeping the linen smelling fresh while ironing.
  • Air Perfume is a liquid air freshener that is available in a pump spray in a wide range of fragrances – tropical fruits, green apple, anti tobacco, breeze, lemon, etc.
  • Scented Sachet is available in sachets that can be kept in drawers, cupboards and other areas that typically have musty smells. Ideal for cars, bathrooms, chiffonier and wardrobes, this product line is available in the following fragrances – apple cinnamon, lavender & lilac, be delicious, fresh linen, gingerbread and vanilla. Scented Sachet Flow is available in a few fragrances in the Scented sachet line. Scented Sachets is a similar range from Elix that is available in attractively small sachets with lovely designs and is available in lavender, vanilla and ocean fresh fragrances.

Elix is an ISO certified company and has strict quality control measures in place. All our products comply with the safety regulations of CLP and REACH and the European Union.

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