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Scented Candle

Air fresheners are a must in every household and even in cars these days and they come in varied forms. They also come in the form of scented candles – the very idea is appealing isn’t it?

People often place attractively designed candles and other such artefacts at home to lend some character to the room or to stamp it with their signature. When the candle in question is scented, it serves another and more important purpose – it keeps your room smelling fresh and clean and adds another dimension to its character. For instance, you could place a candle with a scent that reminds you of your holiday at the Mediterranean or you might simply choose a scent that reminds you of your fond childhood memories.

A smell while adding to your room or house’s character also serves as a memory trigger (for instance, some smells might trigger happy memories) and thus helps you unwind or relax at home or in your car or even in office! Elix offers a range of scented candles manufactured and processed with the latest technologies. Available in an attractively shaped bottle in varied scents, the product line is called NATURE FRESH SELECT. The following fragrances are available in this product range:

  • Divine – combines the rich and deep aromatic sweetness of black grapes with a dash of kiwi’s refreshing scent
  • Relaxation – True to its name, this rich aroma is a mixture of magnolia’s delicate scent with the refreshing invigorating scent of green apples and grapefruit with a hint of light notes of cucumber. This product serves as a relaxant to the senses and lends a positive aura to your surroundings.
  • Deseretta – Vanilla, flavoured caramel and biscuit – what is not to like in this scent that recalls the magic of desserts and brings forth a smile to your face.
  • Climatica – combines the flavour of juicy red apples with the effervescent aroma of cinnamon and reminds you of homemade apple pies.
  • Black Pearl – Available in a lovely lavender shade this scented candle combines the freshness of hibiscus with the rich sweetness of black plums. It reminds you of a garden with ripe fruits and blossoming fresh flowers and feels like a breath of fresh garden air.
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