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We take special care of the safety of our products.

We continue to improve our manufacturing practices. We test and verify quality of all raw materials in all combinations that may find their way into our final product to assure its highest quality and safety to our customer.


Over the years we have invested many efforts and much passion into developing our own brand of products. We have divided our products into two brands. Under Natural Fresh, we introduce high quality standard products that consumers have grown used to over the years. Under Natural Fresh Select we invent and create completely new and unique solutions that meet the requirements of a premium product.



High quality combined with unique choice of aromas and being eco-friendly
has made us stand out among our competitors.

We specialize in producing air fresheners that our Clients use to enhance their day-to day life quality
We manufacture only safe products, always in accordance with REACH and CLP
We strive to use only natural ingredients in our products.
We learn from our Clients and listen to them to improve our products and strengthen our competence.


With each product line introduced to the market we innovate on various levels. Whether it is a new product design, a rare/ unique scent or a new level of quality in printing on various materials we always push ourselves to make better products.

We think that only innovation and high quality of manufactured goods can result in a long-term relationship with our clients who trust our approach in constant product portfolio development.


ELIX ensures continuous development of our portfolio, based on proven quality products that meet the safety requirements of the European Union and comply with the CLP and REACH.

All our products meet the restrictive EU requirements for safety product and comply with the CLP and REACH. Each product has a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)- available on request.

Our ethics are strongly connected to respect to the intelectual property rights - to support this approach we constantly invest in various patents and trademarks.

We never stop doing our best to become better and create innovative solutions. 

We have implemented and certified quality control system ISO 9001:2008.



made in EU ISO:9001 CLP Reach safety standards Zatrudniam i produkuję w Polsce Innovative Economy

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