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Paper air fresheners

Advantages of car air fresheners

Air fresheners are available in a variety forms today from paper to gel. Paper air fresheners are available in a variety of shapes and are intensely aromatic.

What are paper air fresheners?

They are made using industrial grade paper that is absorbent. Their popularity is mostly because they are non-greasy and can be customised. Not only that, they have a variety of uses from home decoration to business purposes. Just hanging these thin strips around is enough to ensure a good aroma in the surroundings. The advantages of paper air fresheners is that they are thin, non greasy and can be used almost anywhere!

Paper air fresheners @ Elix

Elix offers a wide range of paper air fresheners that come in innovative shapes & designs with intense aromatic scents

  • Intense is a car air freshener product range and comes in an attractive size with a unique packaging paper. This range has a variety of fragrances namely Orange & Tea, vanilla, Strawberry, New Car, Green Apple and Black.
  • Tulip is an auto air freshener and has a beautiful and unique appearance. This range of products is manufactured using the latest processes in the industry and thus, it is a leading air freshener product in the market. Beautiful colours and exotic scents –green apple, tropical fruits, breeze, vanilla, lemon & sport are the trademarks of the Tulip range.
    There are other variants to the Tulip range – Tulip Elegance and Tulip XXL. There are a few interesting fragrances - Vanilla & Lemon, Green Tea & Pear and Coffee in the Tulip Elegance range. The Tulip XXL range has the same set of fragrances but comes in a bigger size.

Other Car Air fresheners from Elix

No Smoking is a car air freshener range and is a paper air freshener with a string. This product is available in two scents – New Car and Vanilla.

  • Florian The Alien is also a car air freshener and is available with a string. This uniquely designed range is attractive visually to children and comes in one fragrance – Breeze. Hell Driver is another range that is available in Vanilla, New Car and Green Apple & Neutraliser scents.
  • Continents is available in a variety of exotic fragrances from Mango & Mint to Lavender & Eucalyptus and comes with photo quality paper. Cities is a similar product line from Elix with photo quality paper with photos of world famous cities and is available in citrus, green tea, apple, vanilla ice cream and Lilly of the valley scents.

Elix rigorously subjects every product to strict quality control measures and ensures that they meet the safety requirements of the European Union. Being an ISO certified company; we also comply with the safety requirements of CLP and REACH.

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