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Organic Air freshener

Go green is the new buzz word and organic is the way to go in the present day. From spices to vegetables and even carry bags organic stuff is ruling the roost today.

It is thus no wonder that organic air fresheners are available too and they enjoy a very good market share in the air freshener industry. After all, given today’s pollution rates, one does need awareness and every sort of protection against the harmful substances that have permeated in our everyday life.

Organic Air Fresheners from Elix

Elix offers a wide range of organic air fresheners in a variety of rare and exotic fragrances.

  • Strong (Sticker) is an organic and eco friendly air freshener available in the following fragrances – lemon, strawberry, black, vanilla, blue, musk, lavender. It comes with a useful multi surface sticker.
  • Hang Me is another range from Elix that has simple and long lasting fragrances and has a convenient hanger allowing it to be hung almost anywhere – cupboards, walls, etc. Musk, Blue, Strawberry, Black, Vanilla, Lemon and Lavender are the range of fragrances offered in this product line.
  • Little Big is an organic line that is packaged attractively and has a refreshing aroma. Strawberry, Lemon, Black, Bubblegum and Vanilla are the scents offered in this product range.
  • Big is a similar product line from Elix that has the following fragrances – Black, Cherry, Lemon, Vanilla, New Car and Strawberry.
  • Scented Mini Bottle has a beautifully shaped glass bottle with an attractive strap that looks extremely modern and would add aesthetic appeal wherever it is placed. Vanilla, Breeze, Green Apple, Tropical Fruits and Lemon are the fragrances in which this innovative air freshener is available.
  • SMB Jar has the same glass bottle as the scented mini bottle line but, it comes in a big jar wherein there is a mix of about 88 bottles with a variety of fragrances.
  • Bungee is a version of a membrane air freshener that is unique and makes use of the latest technologies and comes with a contemporary silicone hanger. Tropical Fruits and Vanilla are the two fragrances in which this attractive line is available.
  • Double Action is an odour eliminator and liquid air freshener and comes in an attractive design. It is available in the following fragrances - mint & eucalyptus, green tea & citrus and Vanilla & Pinacolada.
  • Dual Scent is a ventilation grate membrane air freshener and is designed in a lovely shape. This 2 in 1 air freshener is a combination of 2 fragrances and comes in the following scent combinations – Vanilla & Peach, New Car & Citrus, Tropical Fruits, Breeze and Green Apple & Neutraliser.

At Elix, we strive towards continuous innovation and maintain the highest standards for product quality. Our products are compliant with the safety regulations and requirements of the European Union, CLP and REACH. Elix is an ISO certified organisation and believes in continuous research for maintaining a high quality standard and customer satisfaction.

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