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Clearly defined goals, persistence and determination are ,what we believe, the most important factors leading ELiX to the top. In barely a decade from small manufacturer of household chemistry the company has become one of the leading players in the air-freshener industry.
Particularly important dates for ELiX are:




1999 - the foundation of the company, launching production of household chemistry

2002 - launching production of first air fresheners

2003 - setting cooperation with Tesco and Kaufland

2005 - launching production line of washing-powders

2006 - first large export transaction

2009 - setting focus on air freshener manufacturing only

2011 - ISO 9001:2008 implementation

2014 - SAP B1 implementation

2015 - relocation of production to Wroclaw city, POLAND. Joint Venture in India

2016 - automation, GMP implementation (ISO 22716)

2017 - everyday low price, good quality and highest safety standards

made in EU ISO:9001 CLP Reach safety standards Zatrudniam i produkuję w Polsce Innovative Economy

ELIX GROUP / ul. Szczecińska 17-21, 54-517 Wrocław, POLAND
phone: +48 71 387 85 33 / fax: +48 71 722 29 68 / e-mail: office@elix.pl