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Gel Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are typically used to get rid of foul smell and odours and to keep interiors of any building – be it a home or office or public places likes malls fresh. Air fresheners come in a variety of forms from aerosol sprays to gels.

Gel Air Fresheners from Elix

A gel air freshener consists of beads of gel and is easy to use. Elix offers a wide range of gel air fresheners emanating fragrances from vanilla to fruity scents.

The Jelly Pearls Product Range

  • Jelly Pearls Elegance offers three distinct fragrances – Flowers, Orient and Fruit. There are 10 pieces per set per paper carton in this line from Elix and these last for as long as six weeks. 
  • Jelly Pearls Special Edition offers a lot of different scent to choose from – Vanilla, Grape & Avocado, Ocean Fresh, Black and Lime. There are 12 pieces per set per paper carton in this range of products and they last up to six weeks. 
  • Jelly Pearls Special Edition (Sticker) – In this special line of gel air fresheners, Elix offers a multi surface sticker along with the carton of air freshener. This product also has the same fragrances as that of the Special Edition.
  • Jelly Pearls Refill packs are available at 10 pieces per set per paper carton and in three fragrances – Flowers/ Orient and Fruit.

The Jello Product Range

Jello comes in an elegant package and fills the surroundings with a pleasant and faint aroma of essential oils. This gel air freshener lasts for more than 60 days and is available in a variety of beautiful aromas – green apple, lemon, breeze, vanilla, tropical fruits and pine tree. The Jello (Sticker) range comes with an additional multi surface sticker. 

  • Jello Extra is a high quality organic extract of essential oils with a fresh fragrance lasting for about 3 months. Black, lemon, orange and peach are the fragrances available. The Jello Extra (Sticker) range comes with an additional multi surface sticker. 
  • Jello in Cup is an innovative product line from Elix and as the name suggests is available in a plastic cup. The product boasts of amazing and intriguing fragrances – Island Taste, Sweetness, Black, Lime Camelia and Fruberry.
  • Sticky Gel offers you the flexibility of being able to just stick the package on to any surface and is available in incredible designs. Citrus, Floral, Ocean and Forrest are the fragrances in which this beautiful and decorative range of gel air fresheners is available. Auto sticky gel is yet another range that can be stuck to the surface of a car or any other surface for that matter. 

Quality Control @ Elix

Elix is an ISO certified company and has strict quality control measures and processes in place for even the raw materials used. All our products are compliant with the safety requirements of the European Union, CLP and Reach. We believe in innovation and quality and constantly strive towards customer satisfaction.

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