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There are times when you remember a particular thing or incident by associating it with a particular smell. Fragrances have the power to invoke strong emotions and there is even a branch of science that deals with the association of smell to memory and is called olfactory memory.


We tend to associate exotic fragrances with memories of luxury or splurge on our side or attach it to something special. This is also one reason why perfumes come in rare and exotic fragrances. More exotic the fragrance, more expensive the perfume is! These days, air fresheners are available in mild yet stirring scents too. 

You could give a different and unique smell to each of your rooms at home with today’s air fresheners. In fact, they are available in organic and natural scents too! At Elix, we offer a wide range of exotic fragrances to lend your home a distinguishing smell. Our organic and naturally fresh air fresheners come in varied forms – gels, crystals, liquids, sachets, membrane air fresheners, sprays and even perfumes. Not only that, you could stick them to a surface with our multi surface stickers or hand them or fill them up in attractive glass bottles or if you can’t be bothered with any of this, just spray them as and when you need them and be rid of nasty odours. 

For the romantic and aesthetic lover in you, we offer an innovative unique range – a handmade flower that blooms and spreads a lovely aroma in its surroundings. There are paper air fresheners too that come in thin pieces and can be hung or stuck anywhere. These are available in lovely fragrances and unique designs. There are a wide range of fragrances from simple, subtle ones to powerful and exotic ones like sea breeze, tropical fruits, green apple and even bubblegum.

At Elix, we strive towards constant innovation and research and endeavour to provide the highest quality products to ensure customer satisfaction. We are an ISO certified organisation and our products are compliant with the safety requirements of the CLP, REACH and the European Union.

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