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Air Aroma

Today, everyone lives a hectic lifestyle and there is so much of population everywhere that one literally doesn’t have the breathing space or room for fresh air what with the traffic and heavy pollution.

Even if you live in the suburbs and not in the city, you really wouldn’t have much time to open your windows and be rid of the musty smell once you get home from a hard day’s work. It would be far more convenient to just spray something aromatic and be rid of the stale smell! Air aroma is important especially after a tired day’s work! It helps in rejuvenating your senses on your drive back or once you get home. This is also mostly what people do these days and this is exactly why you need a high quality air freshener at home that is compliant with international safety regulations and is organic and natural.

Elix offers a wide variety of organic and naturally fresh air fresheners in varied aromas. They come in various forms such as gels, crystals, paper, liquid, scented candles and aroma sprays or air perfumes as they are also called. The fragrances offered also vary drastically from simple and stirring fragrances like breeze, lemon, strawberry, citrus and floral scents to exotic and exquisitely rare aromas like breeze, tropical fruits, lavender, forest, pine trees, dewy scents etc. At Elix, we also take care of the aesthetics of air fresheners; for instance, if you go in for a paper air freshener or an organic membrane air freshener, we offer them in unique and attractive designs that are captivating along with their refreshing scents. 

If you wish for exotic fragrances and prefer liquids, we offer them in attractive glass bottles with dispensers and there is one range that comes in a very unique form – a handmade flower that blossoms and spreads an alluring aroma in its surroundings. We have strict quality control measures in place @ Elix and offer products that are compliant with the highest standards and international safety regulations.

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